The Best Ce4 Clearomizer

We continue a long time and at Free E-Cig Information are constantly in a continuous hunt to find the best vapor producing clearomizer that are quality constructed. We're still great fans (see our article on CE4V2 Review) but we want more. Lately, we've been analyzing various new clearomizer that are just downright brilliant. The latest clearomizer being introduced to the marketplace is becoming better and better using a broad range of fashions and designs. So, we determined to do a number of posts on the latest state-of-the-art clearomizer/cartridges/clearomizer to help our readers determine which ones will be the most useful for their personal vapor use.

In our first article for our chain of the very best Vapor Producing Advanced Clearomizer, we shall be reviewing the Vivi Nova clearomizer. The Vivi Nova burst into the e cigarette scene with changeable atomizers that comes in three distinct resistance atomizer coils, perfect for customizing your vaping experience and its excellent smoke production. The Vivi Nova clearomizer can b fitted with three different atomizer coils, 1.8 ohms, operates best.

Why the three distinct atomizer coil resistance? The Vivi Nova using the changeable volt battery, you'll be able to customize the vapor and flavor creation depending on sort or e-juice how much gas production you require, and you're using. No more the vaping encounter that is funny tasting or burned taste. By fixing the voltage to match the coil and e-juice, you're able to optimize flavor and vapor creation of the gas.

Replacing the atomizer coils and utilizing the Vivi Nova is simple. You'll have to unscrew the foundation. before loosening the organization to alter the atomizer coil. The coil assembly is positioned on the top which additionally.

The vapor production from the Vivi Nova with any of the contained loops in the set is astounding. Heavy, smoke that is milky, and flavorful with every draw, even the most jilted smoker will not disappoint. The coils continue a relatively long time, depending on use. The single drawback is the size, which for some is an edge. Then there's the Mini Vivi Nova that has the same performance as a concern's larger sibling, if the size is it. Additionally, with large vapor generation comes refills that are quicker as it uses liquid that is more e but well worth every penny

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